Is Your Workplace Ready?

Government Guidelines for employers, employees and the self-employed on returning to work….. Objective: To keep the workplace clean and to prevent transmission by touching contaminated surfaces Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses Frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are regularly touched eg; door handles and keyboards Clearing workspaces and removing waste […]

Why use Microfibre?

Though by no means a new product, the technology of microfibre cloth is advancing to continuously to meet the demands of today’s cleaning industry. While the physical components of the fibre are unlikely to change significantly in the future, new technologies are already making a difference. For example, the introduction of nano-enhanced microfibre cloths with […]

PPE Packs for Business

General Hygiene Supplies have created tailored PPE packs for businesses, organisations and individuals that are returning to work after lockdown. Protect your staff and customers during this challenging time. Simply choose the pack size, pay online and we’ll send it out to you, with FREE delivery, usually within 48hrs. Our packs are comprised of industry-leading […]

The 4Cs of Food Hygiene

The four main things to remember for good food hygiene are the 4Cs! Cleaning ● Cooking ● Chilling ● Cross-Contamination ~~~~~~~~~ Here we’ll take at look more closely at ‘cleaning’ and ‘cross-contamination’ Cleaning Clean and disinfect food areas and equipment between tasks Clear up food spillages straight away cleaning the surface thoroughly Use cleaning and […]

Pro-Mist Mop System

An innovative microfibre flat mop kit, which combines the new ergonomic Pro-mist spray handle and microfibre pads for effective, rapid response floor cleaning without the need for buckets or constant wringing out. The Pro-mist features a removable bottle and spray trigger, and delivers a fine mist of solution directly to the cleaning surface, helping you […]

Hand-hygiene to tackle the spread of disease through air transport

A research study aims to identify the effects of hand washing on the global spread of infectious diseases. Preliminary results show that the frequency with which we now embark upon air travel has increased the rate of contagion, but something as simple as hand washing can decrease the chances of a mass spread Transmission of […]