Is Your Workplace Ready?

Guidelines for employers, employees and the self-employed on returning to work… Objective: To keep the workplace clean and to prevent transmission by touching contaminated surfaces Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses Frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are regularly touched eg; door handles and keyboards Clearing workspaces and removing waste and […]

How Great is The Barista Cloth!

The Barista Cloth is designed for cleaning hot drink machines. It is ideal for use on steam wands and other heated coffee components while offering heat protection to the user. But it’s so much more than that… As well as being heat resistant, it’s also food safe and includes an antibacterial additive to prevent the […]

Eco Select™ Concentrates

Eco Select Range

Eco Select™ Concentrates are a highly concentrated, ultra-economical range designed for professional cleaning. The range is specially formulated to deliver exceptional results in a bottle designed to save space, weight, packaging and the environment. Products designed to thoroughly and effectively clean and sanitise with BS EN 1276 accreditations. Available in a 1 litre bottle format […]

Did you know 80% of infections are spread by touch?

Veraco protective touchpoint covers kill bacteria, viruses and last 1 year. Simply apply to your existing touchpoints to protect staff, patients and customers today. Veraco protective touchpoint covers for high traffic touch points will help minimise the spread as they contain Silver Ion antimicrobial technology. How does Silver Ion (Ag) antimicrobial technology work? The antimicrobial […]

Colour Coded Cleaning

Colour Coded Cleaning

Colour Coded Cleaning System is recommended by the Health and Safety Executive If your company has not already introduced its own colour coded cleaning system, GHS recommend you do so. The aim of a colour coded system is to prevent cross-contamination from one cleaning area to another, making cleaning easy and efficient whilst increasing general hygiene […]

How To Use The Microspeedy Mop System

The Microspeedy is a professional quality, flat mop system which helps you to clean easier, faster and more effectively, especially in high traffic environments where leaving floors to dry just won’t do. It’s designed to be used with the 40cm microfibre flat mop heads, which uses the minimum amount of water for fast drying, and […]

The Importance of Keeping Your Stocks High within The Workplace

The pandemic has amplified the already important need to maintain excellent cleanliness and hygiene, particularly in healthcare settings. With increased rates of cleaning and the need for impeccable infection control processes comes the need to maintain a healthy stock of cleaning products. The healthcare sector is operating at an incredibly high demand at the moment. […]

Cleaning Considerations For The Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector has had to adapt in light of Covid-19. From implementing one-way systems for customers and staff, to socially-distanced dining spaces and increasing the frequency of cleaning schedules for staff members. The Importance of Ventilation  Maintaining good ventilation and air flow through your site is an important practical point. If you have an […]

The Construction Industry and PPE

Personal Protective Equipment aka PPE is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work… The Construction Industry require personal protective equipment to protect their workforce and help ensure they improve productivity. The presence of safety equipment can play a huge role in achieving productivity targets as ‘lost time injury’ can […]

What Chemicals Are Cleaning Your Workplace?

As a business owner, have you checked how current the chemicals are that are being used to clean your workplace?Are you using contract cleaners? And if so, would the onus be on them or you when it comes to providing safe hygienic working conditions for your staff? Unfortunately, I have seen too often in-house cleaners […]

Hycolin Antiviral Cleaner

The Hycolin Multipurpose Antiviral Surface Cleaner becomes one of the first cleaning solutions to be proven effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Hycolin Multipurpose Antiviral Surface Cleaner has been tested against the SARS-CoV-2 virus by scientists using the NEN 14675 Standard Method and has been proven and certified […]